Halloween Costume Ideas

Roommate recently asked me what she should go as for Halloween. No doubt some of you are already thinking the same thing.

Our classic costume (which I will be trotting out at work this year) is dead dolls. It works best with a group of women committed to being creepy.

Last year we suggested an ipod commercial, a space princess, panda, a pinup, and (my personal favorite) a crazy cat lady.

We also thought it would be pretty easy for the brave to dress as Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Gaga wants to make it easier for you, and she's selling cheap versions of her costume from various videos on her website. MasqueradeMakeup's YouTube channel covers makeup for these and other popstars.

becca has ideas from your makeup bag, closet and local thrift store.

If your job won't let you wear a costume, try an outfit inspired by classic monsters or superheros.

We'll have fresh ideas for you soon. Until then, do you have any great costume ideas?


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