London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Vivienne Westwood Red Label
What it made us think of: Women getting facials on lunch break. A rumpled pause.
What we liked: finely cut suits, stripes, pretty hair
What we didn't: bowling shoes, no cohesion
Who: Fashion East
What we liked: Ruffles like a van Gogh painting, perspex box clutches. Everything from Felicity Brown (top row).
What we didn't: Do they no longer teach proper hemming? Heikki Salonen's proportions were pretty bad (second row, image 1). The cutouts from Simone Rocha didn't work (second row, images 2 and 3).Who: Giles
What it made us think of: House of Holland crossed with 50s pinups
What we liked: Models that varied from pinup to willowy, pregnant to elderly; take that seasonal figures! Cheeky prints on classic cuts, soft yellow, retro sunglasses, Muppety accessories, fringe overlay
What we didn't: Ugly cutesy sweaters we wore in elementary school in the 80s.

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