London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Erdem
What it made us think of: If the 90s threw a proper garden party on a dress
What we liked: Lace, simple florals, pretty flowing dresses
What we didn't: Granny panties under sheer lace, busy florals, some things looked dated (but still pretty)
Who: Holly Fulton
What it made us think of: Art Deco in the most fabulous way possible.
What we liked: The art deco prints, the skylines on dresses, the bright colors
What we didn't: ----
Who: Louise Grey
What it made us think of: My Barbie doll after I "made" her "clothes" and "dyed" her hair.
What we liked: Some of the pieces looked very interesting and could be styled in fun ways.
What we didn't: Rags and just too much going on.
Who: House of Holland
What it made us think of: The clothes all the "too cool" kids will be wearing when they end up on worst dressed lists.
What we liked/didn't: It's very hard to distinguish.
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