Web Round-Up: Shoe Making, Makeup 101 & More

Luxirare details (with great photos) an adventure into learning to make shoes.

Already Pretty has teamed up with Hello Beauty to bring us Makeup 101 lessons with tips that will help the novice, expert and everyone in between. (This first installment covers foundation, concealer and powder.) Speaking of Already Pretty, read the story of your body. It's possibly one of the best things we've read in months.

Oh la la! Calling all lingerie enthusiasts! Check out the photos and high end undies at Frou Frou Fashionista. Also, Kingdom of Style finds some stunning lingerie like this 50s-style bullet bra; these airy, 30s-esque pieces; and an assortment of sheer, lacy items.

Fat Stylist has great taste and tips for dressing a full figure.

Being nerds, it's only natural we love Fashion For Nerds wherein Audi chronicles the (brilliant) outfits she wears to confound the scientists she works with.


Audi said…
Thanks for the shout out! Nerds unite!

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