Editor's Pick of the Week: Let It Snow

As much as I hate cleaning it off of my car, I do love snow. Growing up, I loved waking up to see the snow weighing down the cedar trees in my parent's backyard. I love when a blanket of snow covers all of the Christmas lights so they glimmer through. I spend a good deal of each years first snow looking like an idiot trying to catch a snow flake on my tongue.

This Betsey Johnson Snowflake necklace incorporates my love of snow with my year round loves--bows, shiny things, shiny bows, pearls, purple and did I mention, bows? Santa, baby, I'll give you a pass on trimming Christmas tree "with some decorations bought at Tiffany's" if you'll just stuff my stocking with this necklace. ("I really do believe in you. Lets see if you believe in me.")

Sadly, Santa will have to bring me this necklace because it costs $135 at Nordstrom.


LyddieGal said…
I love the first snow of the season, before the plowing begins and everything is perfect and white.

Once it starts to turn brown and slushy and then to ice -- i've had enough!

The necklace would always stay beautiful though, I hope you get it!

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