Love or Loathe: Western Space Brothel Boots

My title's not necessarily an insult as space westerns are near and dear to my heart. Even so, you can't deny that these boots by Eject wouldn't look out of place in such an establishment. There's a lot going on here. Crackled leather. A ribbon with corsety lacing. A toe cap. I like the black version, and I adore the brown version but the purple with red? Once you pair it with the petticoat and corset, I'm afraid you may end up in a gun fight with a corrupt landowner.


LyddieGal said…
Looking at them as a costume piece, I adore them. As part of my daily wardrobe, I don't see them working. Not that there is anything wrong with being part of a space Western.
rachel said…
If the lacing weren't in red, I think I'd love them.
Kaye said…
I'd love them if only there wasn't that ribbon, or maybe if it was a differnt color. It just seems so out of place.

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