FMF Reader Poll: Best/Worst Trends Of The Decade

The Aughties are almost over and all the fashion trends have happened. While the decade brought some lovely clothing like lots of ruffles, it also brought things like Crocs, which shouldn't even be called a shoe. Some things are hot debate topics--are skinny jeans a best or a worst? Others are clear winners--who doesn't love all the retro styles?

Below, vote for your favorite "best" and least favorite "worst" fashions (multiple selection are allowed). Also, let us know in the comments if we missed anything.


Jonus said…
Crocs seem to be getting a lot of hate, but I think they can be practical shoes. So this is a fashion blog, and I do acknowledge that they are ugly, but they're great for kids, giving them good support while being easy for mom or dad to easily slip them on or off.

I know some people involved with a charity "Crocs For Kids" where they bring Crocs from North America to under privileged kids in South America because they're inexpensive and provide protection that those kids wouldn't have otherwise.

Maybe they are ugly. Wear them as slippers, water shoes, or in public showers... just don't wear them as your regular shoes.
Suze said…

Worst- Leggings as pants.
Jael Paris said…
We forgot dresses over pants as a worst. That stuck around before leggings killed it off.
rachel said…
dresses over pants hasn't been killed off in Japan yet. Probably because leggings as pants haven't taken over. I prefer the dresses and pants to leggings and no pants personally.

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