$150 Challenge: Pale Layers

We've had an absurd November so far with daily temperatures fluxing twenty or thirty degrees in a matter of hours. Layers to the rescue! And as an added bonus, I made this fall look in pale colors like frosted cupcakes. Take that, brown! This sweet treat totals $137.89.
angora turtleneck sweater, Arden B. $36
plain long sleeved tee, Charlotte Russe $7.50
lace skirt, Forever 21 $15.80
tights, Top Shop $8
booties, Charlotte Russe $26.99
infinity scarf, Nordstrom $28
pink bracelet, Forever 21 $8.80
pearl stack bracelets, Forever 21 $6.80


JiaoJiao said…
Love! I love that peach color on the sweater. Unfortunately it have a hole in the back and I hate a cold back.

Do you happen to know where I can find skirt in that gorgeous peachy color or a soft gold color? most are either bright color or drab and black or white. Actually shoes or shirt are fine too. It is so difficult to find apparels in nice pastel peach/gold color...
Jael Paris said…
I'll look and let you know what I find!
Amy Joy said…
Great colors!
JiaoJiao said…
@Jael yay, thx!

I've been craving the soft gold/peach color forever and been dreamin' of bubble skirt in that color.

Email me at chujiao@gmail.com , or comment, or make another post. (If you feel up to the challenge, another beautiful hard to find color is pastel seafoam green, not cyan).
Nishant said…
I can find skirt in that gorgeous peachy color or a soft gold color?

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