Etsy Shop of the Week: Post Tattoo Socks

Shop: Post Tattoo Socks

Why We Love It:
Yesterday, I posted unique hosiery designs, and these tattoo socks fit right in with designs that range from adorable to quirky to lovely.

Price Range: Most knee-high $13, most thigh-highs $18, most tights $23, holiday 4 pair tights set $76

More Info: is coming. Also, several listings suggest wearing fishnets or other sheer patterned tights over the tattoo socks for a really cool effect.

Favorite Items: Branches Knee High $13; Flora Tattoo Tights $23; Octopus Tights $23; Snow Queen Tights $23; Bats Tights $23. My favorite design, the Peacock Feather, is currently out of stock, but the site restocks quickly (pictured).


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