15 Intricate Hosiery Designs

Reader Jasmine emailed us asking for help tracking down some amazing, intricate hosiery. I wasn't able to find any tights quite as elaborately designed as I think she was looking for, but I've founds some very unique hose in my search. These tights will add extra spice to your Holiday looks and everyday office attire. (Click the images to view larger).

Diamond Shapes:
Spin Art Tights from Free People $28
Wolford Melissa Pale Diamond Tights £29
Urban Oufitters Diamond Tights $14
Urban Outfitters Stained Glass Tights $14
Wolford Lorraine Diamond Tights £27 (want!)

Faux Garters and Sexy Stripes:
Victoria Secret Faux Garter Panyhose $12.50 or 2/$20
Venetian Net Tights by Levante from Figleaves $25
Wolford Zora Laced Boot Tights £29 (want!)
Wolford Tabea Faux Garter Tights - Currently Out of Stock
Wolford Maja Pinstripe Garter Tights £27 (want!)

Floral Designs:
Urban Outfitters Tuscan Floral Tights $14
Urban Outfitters Side Floral Fishnets $14 or 2/$20
Urban Outfitters Large Print Floral Tights $14
Urban Outfitters Side Vine Fishnets $14 or 2/$20
Garden Net Tights by Jonathan Aston from Figleaves $14


Fantazya said…
Urban Outfitters Stained Glass Tights $14 (want!)
Caitlin said…
Love all of them! I just wish I had thinner legs!
Wow, I love these!!! Thanks so much for this post. Well, actually thanks for all posts, they're always extremely helpful!

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