Winter Pastels

A few weeks ago, our $150 Challenge: Pale Layers kicked off a stir. Reader Chujaio confessed to craving soft peach tones, and we've had a couple other inquiries concerning pale pink. We frequently feature bright colors as a means of dressing against the winter norm, but spring pastels are another way to stand out this season. (And if the difficulty in tracking these down in any indication, you'll be one of very few women wearing them.) Most of the clothes below are from the same few stores, and if you're looking for something slightly different, they are carrying several items in these icy tones.
Top: green ruffle sleeveless top, Victoria's Secret $68
ruffle blouse, Anthropologie $88
lilac ruffle blouse, J. Crew $89.50
Middle: pearl and rose tank, Anthropologie $148
pale blue cowl neck sweater, Victoria's Secret $39
pink bib blouse, Mod Cloth $62.99
Bottom: pale blue ruffle cardigan, J. Crew $88
mint ruffle top, Mod Cloth $69.99
pink rose cashmere cardigan, J. Crew $178

Top: pink jacquard pencil skirt, J. Crew $198
green lace skirt, Forever 21 $29
wool skirt with purple flowers, Anthropologie $148
Bottom: pink sequin pencil skirt, Top Shop $125
blue satin trim skirt, Forever 21 $28
pink tutu, Charlotte Russe $16.99

Top: peach foofy dress, Forever 21 $34
hoodie dress, Mod Cloth $72.99
pale green silk dress, J. Crew $215
Bottom: ruffle madness dress, Mod Cloth $99.99
dusty purple stripe sweater dress, Victoria's Secret $59
pale gold ruffle front dress, Forever 21 $39


Marta said…
I love all these items? So cute.

♥gixxy said…
I love the designs! But we have no winter here. :c the skirts are so hype !
Caitlin said…
Everything looks wonderful! I just wish I had the money (how many times do I say that? Haha)
Anonymous said…
LOVE them all!
JiaoJiao said…
tehee. It's Chujiao, not Chujaio. Ppl always get confused with the 3 vowels together.

thx for the post! oh my goodness, that 3rd image, the peachy pink blouse is the exact color I was craving! it would look so good as a tunic or tucked into a skirt.

And the pale green dress from J. Crew is gorgeous...
Jael Paris said…
Doh! Sorry, Chujiao!

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