FMF Reader Poll: Color Combinations

I used to subscribe to the color equation of 1 color + 1 or more neutrals + accessories that are the same color as the first color = outfit. Purple shoes with a red dress? Never. Green dress with light blue tights? That's absurd. An outfit with three colors and no neutrals? As if! (That was a legitimate statement in the 90s when I was making these protests).

Now, I often have to be convinced to add a neutral to my outfits. I don't shy away from green and purple with a pop of yellow or red and orange with some baby blue mixed in. Occasionally this gets me dirty looks from people wearing black and denim at the grocery store, but I'm having fun so I don't really care. What are your favorite color combination? Since I couldn't list them all, tell us any other favorites in the comments.


I love all combinations. I don't adhere to strict combinations unless I feel like doing so. I think fashion is a live an let live vibe. Color included. ;-)
JiaoJiao said…
Yellow is the new black, the sunflower yellow that is.

It goes with everything, black, pink, blue, green, red, purple. yeah.

Altho I hate the no blue&green rule. Peacocks are beautiful because of their blue and green color!
rachel said…
My favorite recently has been a riot of color, with orangy yellow tights, a turquoisy tiered skirt and magenta beret. I live in the country, so I think I'm being stared at because of what I'm wearing, and not because I'm an American. It's hard to say though...
Bronwyn said…
today i was out in jeans with a purple long sleeved top, green t-sirt and a red cardigan. my aunt looked at me and said that i was wearing one colour to many!!! never!!! colour all the way!
I love all combinations and am always mixing colors, I Love color so to answer a specific combination would be hard! I wear colors to express my mood.
Anonymous said…
orange and purple
Elizabeth said…
I'm constantly trying out new color combinations. I voted Blue&Pink, which I had found worked well by accident when it was on an old Klinke Cleaners uniform. I would have to say my favorite not listed is Yellow&Teal though. Blue, yellow, and black are an awesome trio too.

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