Save or Splurge: One in Each Color

Layering tees in every colorWhen I find pieces I love, I'm always inclined to buy on in each color. However, I don't want the temptation to wear the same things all the time. Usually I resist buying multiples of one item and end up regretting it.

Next time I find basic mary janes or a basic layering tee that I like, I'm splurging on all the colors. Same goes for the next pair of jeans that fits, the next cardigan sweater and the next pair of dress pants. Yes, it makes for a redundant wardrobe, but that's what statement pieces are for. When I find a truly fabulous item in my price range that fits, I think it's wise to buy each color. I've done this only a few times with my favorite cardigans, tights, camisoles and my favorite layering tees. I'm so glad I have two of each of these things. It makes my currently limited wardrobe go a lot further.

Plus, more color options can add more fun and interesting pairings to my outfits. I love adding a pop of color to a dress with a pair of purple tights and a red cami. The only trick is to make sure I really love an item otherwise I'm stuck with multiples of something mediocre.

Do you save by buying just one or do you splurge on one of each color?

Pictured: Victoria's Secret Crew Neck Tee 2/$25


Robin said…
The only problem I run into with this- and I think there's even a Carlin skit about it- is that inevitably you favor one color over another. There's the one you wear all the time, and that other one.
jael728 said…
totally agree! i love jcrew cardigans and have about 20.. i don't feel like it's redundant because you can mix and match things and make a totally new outfit... plus, I'm such a shoe whore that i always burst out flavor to any outfit with shoes!
JiaoJiao said…
Jeans are the only thing I buy in multiples.

Sweaters and such are extremely common, most of them fits even without you trying them on, and they come back every year.

Not jeans, it is impossible to tell how it fits until you try it, they don't come back the same every year, and due to the large variety, its tedious shopping.

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