Editor's Pick of the Week: Unicorn Shoes

Jael Paris showed me these stunning Jeffrey Campbell unicorn shoes and now we are both coveting this mythological footwear. Not only the heel look like a unicorn's horn, but the shoes are suede with a lovely ruffle around the foot. They're a bit pricey at $114, but that's really not bad for such a unique shoe.

We only found the black suede in stock right now, but keep checking here to see if the gold, nude (my favorite) or black patent get restocked. This illusive creature is worth the hunt.

Update: Nordstrom has them in pewter and black leather.


Robin said…
These come up on Modcloth.com pretty frequently, and usually sell out like whoa. They used to have other colors there, I thought, but they're gone now.

I don't know. I want to like these. I love ruffles, I love unicorns, I'm nerdy for that stuff... I just don't quite get them.
Caitlin said…
I think they are amazing, I just don't know when I would ever get to wear them! I don't lead a very exciting life, haha
Jael Paris said…
Robin, I've tried to feature these shoes from Mod Cloth three times and they always sell out on me.
Anonymous said…
I think this shoe is awesome. I love the heel. But I can tell, this shoes is horribly unconfortable... I don't like high heels (especially this high) without straps... Everytime you take a step, your shoe will flip flop...

but this piece will be eye catching at part!! I'd totally would wear it.

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