15 Colorful Winter Coats

Every year we do a few posts about colorful things to wear in the fall and winter. This year we decided to put them all in one week -- Color Week 2009. Today we'll show you some colorful winter coats, and later this week you can expect a rainbow of boots and outfits in lovely color combinations. In years past, I had to scrounge for colorful coats, but since summer colors are in for this season, I had a hard time paring down to 15!
Top: coral toggle coat, Anthropologie $178
plaid sweater coat, Betsey Johnson $450
blue quilted coat, Calvin Klein at Nordstrom $98.90
Middle: yellow band jacket, J. Crew $245
teal zipper coat, Top Shop $170
pink folklore detail coat, Plenty by Tracy Reese at Anthropologie $298
Bottom: navy trench with patent trim, Miss Sixty at Nordstrom $168
drop waist peacoat, Guess at Nordstrom $138
purple puffer, Soia & Kyo on Bluefly $129
Top: green coat, Fred Flare $112
maroon wool trench, VIA at Victoria's Secret $149
pale blue coat, J. Crew $298
Bottom: red ruffle neck leather jacket, Bagatelle at Nordstrom $268
orange puffer jacket, Plastic Island at Mod Cloth $249.99
yellow back button coat, VIA at Victoria's Secret $149

Too pricey? Don't worry, we'll do a round up of inexpensive winter coats soon.


Robin said…
I think I'm really going to heart color week.
Caitlin said…
I really like bright, unique coats. This is a great collection!
.:*aMbAr*:. said…
Love them! Esp, the yellow ones. Both of them.
marrilee said…
anyone know how I can track down the rose folkloric embroidered wool coat by Plenty-Tracy Reese from last year?
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james john said…
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