Cool Things From Strange Places

My constant Goodwill shopping has taught me that you can find the coolest things in the strangest places. I found these circus inspired boots at Infectious Threads, a goth shop. I, of course, want to go all out with the circus theme and find a striped jacket and top hat, but they'd also be fine with a little black dress, jeans or cropped pants. These "Carnival" boots are available in red, black or pink for a mere $54.99.


Rachel said…
Ooooh, they have pirate boots too...
i have been searching all over trying to find these boots but you never said where to get them i would love to know thanks
CEO&Founder fo Phassion Assassians
becca said…

This post is a couple years old so they are no longer available. We found them through Infectious Threads. They have a new version that is similar:

I hope that helps!
anything is great im greatful u responded....

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