Save or Splurge: Long Gloves

Fall is here so winter is on its way. While I don't look forward to the cold weather and digging my car out of the snow, I do look forward to the winter accessories. This year, I'm on a hunt for gloves. I'm looking elbow length gloves in a pretty color.

I'm on a limited budget, but if I had more money I would be willing to splurge for leather gloves if I found a good fit. Since my winter coat has bell sleeves, the long gloves would help fight the cold. However, my current budget only allows for some sort of fabric glove. Here, I would like to save because I have a tendency to ruin fabric gloves quickly. The purple gloves pictured above are Simply Vera Wang for Kohls and currently on sale for $21. That seem like a reasonable price to wear with my winter coat and all of the 3/4 length sleeves

Are long gloves a save or splurge for you?


Anh said…
Save, I live in Texas so summer weather is longer than winter.
Jael Paris said…
When it comes to keeping my fingers warm (and attached since we're talking winter), I always splurge for leather. Of course, I'll hunt the gloves and wait until they go on sale too.
Queen B. said…
love these long purple gloves
21$ is a very good price
I wouldn't hessitate :)

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