Bakelite Boutique

I worked for an antique jewelry dealer for a few summers in college, and Bakelite bangles were one of our biggest requests. Even though it's just a precursor to plastic, it's collectibility ups the price to the level of precious gems. If your 1950s heart is set on authentic, brightly colored jewelry, you'll want to stop by the Bakelite Boutique. They stock pristine examples of 1950s Bakelite bangles, necklaces, brooches and purses.

Cherry cluster pin $375


Anonymous said…
Hold the phone. This stuff is pulling hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars? What?? I used to have a TON of bracelets like that from my grandma. I couldn't begin to tell you where they went, but if I unearth them from my parents' basement somewhere, I'll be sitting on a fortune.

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