The Target Challenge: LBDs

Little black dresses make dressing oneself simple. With the exception of yard work and a few other activities, LBDs are perfect for any occasion. I have a vintage black dress with an interesting but subtle print that I have yet to find an event for which it was inappropriate. I don't know how I functioned before I owned this dress.

LBDs are so versatile that most of us don't mind spending a little more and calling it an investment. However, LBD can be affordable for those of us looking to save some cash.

Here are my top three Target LBDs:

The evening LBD

The full skirt, cinched waist and v-neck give this dress a classic party dress feel. You can dress it up with and outstanding necklace, clutch and shoes, or tone it down for a less dressy event. As an added surprise, it has hidden pockets in the full skirt. This great evening out will only cost $39.99.

The day LBD
This classic wrap will be a wardrobe staple for years to come. It will flatter most figures and offer an endless variety of styling options. The knit jersey material makes it easy to back for trip too. This “look great any day” dress can come home with you for only $24.99.

The day to night LBD
A strapless dress with sensible pleats like this one can be a winner in the office with a sharp blazer and sensible shoes. After work, just slip on some stilettos, shiny jewelry, and a little clutch and you'll be on the town in no time. (Don't forget some eye liner to jazz up the make-up). This entire day of fabulous can be yours for $49.99.


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