Tights that shape up

Spanx has a line of body shaping tights that smooth out all the bumps. Spanx even offers reversible tights with a different color on each side in combinations of black and brown, black and gray, and black and navy. While tights don't take up a lot of room, these reversible one can save a little space when traveling.

Spanx also offers non-reversible tights in a variety of pattern, rises, and sizes. While most tights in stores come in one size or sizes A, B, and C, Spanx tights can be ordered in sizes A through G.

These body shaping tights even have a soft waist band that is supposed to lay nicely against the body to avoid creating a harsh line at the waist. Spanx also offers a variety of other body shaping products to help all those slim styles hang smoothly. The tights range in price from $24 to $38.


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