Splurge or Save: Boots Edition

Fall is in the air and when the colors change I want to buy boots. My shoe fetish, however, cannot be supported by my wallet so I have to decided when it's O.K. to splurge and when I should really save.

Splurge: Classic, knee high boots in a neutral color.

Boots like these Maxstudio “Zulli” boots are a good wardrobe investment. Find a boot that fits with your personal style and isn't so trendy that it will look out of style in a few years. Spend the extra money to get durable leather, quality craftsmanship and lasting comfort.

Save: Trendy booties.

Booties have already stayed around longer than I expected. There are some pretty cute styles are there too, but most of the cute and trendy booties like these gray collared booties from Payless will not make a great closet staple and will look out of style more quickly than a classic boot. I can afford skimp a little on the quality to save some cash because booties won't have to last as long.


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