Wearable Sweater Dresses from Anthropologie

Unless you have a dream figure, sweater dresses can be very difficult to wear. Most sweater dresses fit so snuggly that they outline bumps and bulges we didn't know we had. That never makes for a fun shopping experience.

Anthropologie has some sweater dresses that look more wearable.

This shapely sweater dress has a flattering neckline with empire waist pleating that will disguise less than flat tummies rather than accentuate them. I also love the sleaves and both the sea blue and conifer green colors.

The thick waistband and beautiful bust detail on this scoopneck dress create a slimming effect when combined with the flowing shirt.

This cowel neck sweater dress has vertical striping and a removable belt (so you can change it up) that create a nice waistline. The graphic roses on the skirt add a little extra interest.


Jael Paris said…
I just want sweater dresses to love me the way I love them. Why must they toy with my emotions?!
Rachel said…
I love Anthropologie... I just wish my wallet did too. ;)

Those dresses are all really cute, and I think you're right about them being more flattering.

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