Boots for a real winter

I have an unhealthy love for white suede boots with stiletto heels. Maybe it’s my inner space warrior princess trying to get out, but there is no way such boots would stay chic five minutes into a Great Lakes winter. Black ice and dirty slush call for nubby soles and a dark color. While I’ve heard that Uggs are quite comfortable and warm, I don’t have any desire to look like I killed some poor muppet and am wearing its clunky feet as a trophy. If you have similar winters and aspirations to stylishly survive them, here are some boots that should help keep you warm and upright.

This short pair by Xhileration rather reminds me of the chunky boots everyone wore in the 90s. If you want a bit of a motorcycle edge, these are $29.99 at Target.
Yes, these are light colored and mildly Uggish, but I think the sleeker shape it what makes them attractive. These are by Arizona and available at J. C. Penney for a sale price of $39.99
Calvin Klein makes a nice low-heeled riding boot available at Nordstrom's for $179.95
Dark brown suede is tough enough to survive the winter, and these boots by La Canadienne are devinely chic. They are also $268.95 (eep!) at Nordstrom's.
These boots are entirely man-made materials. I never would have guessed! This cozy pair by Trotters is $59.95 at Nordstrom's.
These Sofft boots have captured my heart. I love the lacing and the wedge heel. What a sexy way to beat snow! Also available at Nordstrom's for $169.95


Rachel said…
Nice! Good variety- I like them!

I'm hoping Kentucky will be kind to me this winter and my $30 Airwalk boots (which I do love) will keep my toes warm.

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