Love or Loathe: Bags That Look Like Not-Bags

One of the cheekier trends to hit the fall runways was purses that look like something other than a purse: see Moschino's fast food containers or Chanel's grocery baskets. I've seen animals, lips, and several cupcakes. becca still wants a purse once featured on Project Runway that looks like a mace.

The trend is very pop art, but I'm not a fan. It would have to be something that really enchants me, like a book clutch or a police call box, for me to jump on this bandwagon. Pizza boxes? No, thank you. I'm not Kelly Kapowski cool.

How do you feel about bags that look like something other than bags? What shape would they have to take to draw you into the trend, especially since the trend may not make it to spring?


Anonymous said…
For the right person; have at it. For me? No.
Oh Sarah O! said…
I love bags that don't look like bags! I especially like that lips clutch and animal bags! I have a cute little fox bag that is my staple for fall.

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