Finding a Happy Shopping Place

I am at war with stores right now. Every store I've tried has been a horrible mess of clothes that are either hideous or made of the worst materials ever. Or both. Often both. Everything in the misses department looked like it was purchased at a beach tourist shop targeting out of touch, much older women,. The juniors department was so garish I got so frustrated I sent Jael the following text: "I'm out shopping, but everything looks like it's inspired by the worst dressed list at Coachella."

I was ready to give up and keep wearing the clothes I have even if they have holes, but I was shopping with my mom and she really really really wanted me to try this store she went to with my cousin, Maurices. The store is actually new-ish to the Metro-Detroit area, but I remember we had one near the college I attended. I didn't remember it being anything special. When I walked it, I didn't really spot anything right away so I was ready to give up.

That's when I received the best customer service of my life. The salesgirl asked what I was looking for. I complained about the glorified tees I'm seeing everywhere and said I needed nice shirts for work. She asked me about my style then took me around the store recommending pieces, telling me which ran small or large and stocking a dressing room with things I might like. She rocked. I went from being grumpy and pretty much pouting in the corner of the store to trying on all the things. She was like this with every person who walked in the store. Her coworker was the same.

Prior to this, I had been at Macy's where things were on the floor, the dressing rooms were a mess and no one could price check a jacket for me--a jacket that had an original price tag over $200. At Maurices, I didn't need a price check because she knew most of the prices by heart--prices that were almost all under $30. I found five tops and a pair of pants for $130! I even found the blouse pictured above, which comes in a ton of colors and some neutrals for $24. (They had grey in my size so that's what I have, but I will be buying more).

Maurices has a great selection of affordable work wear basics and some fun, causal items. The prices are amazing. The fabrics aren't the best, but they are better than anything I've seen at Forever 21, Target, Macy's or the more affordable departments of Nordstrom. The sizes are misses and not juniors so they fit more like clothes for grown ups without looking kind of frumpy or "old," and they don't have the strange cuts of Juniors clothing. Best of all, the customer service at my location turned the worst shopping day ever into a spectacular one.


Anonymous said…
As soon as I started reading this post, I thought of Maurices. I've loved it for years, and hate that there aren't any where near I live now. Thanks for bringing more attention to it.
Anonymous said…
So happy for you! That top is gorgeous. : )
Smo Trevor said…
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Anonymous said…
I came back to this post a month after reading it because that shirt stuck in my head. Usually that's my "sign" or "omen" that it is something I should pursue. I ended up getting four different colors to replace similar tops that I had stopped wearing because of the hemline or other issues with the way they sat. These shirts are an absolute dream -- the fit is fabulous, feel is sleek and soft, and the double lining makes it a high quality piece that will last.
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