Jael Paris' Summer Shopping List

Red Heels I'm looking for something a little less stilletto sexpot than my last pair of red heels. Chelsea Crew is where it's at.  These low heels work for work or play. Should I get the "Marlo" or the breezier "Zoe"?

Yellow Skirt As I said on our Facebook page, I need more cheery yellow in my summer wardrobe. I'd love a yellow skirt that's not body con or skater. These are all from ASOS.
pleated midi skirt $67
linen skirt $53 (I have this in pink!)
pleated mini skirt $48

Cream Eye Shadows In the last couple years, I've developed some eye allergies which has made it difficult to wear eye makeup. I read that cream eye shadows are better for people with eye allergies, so I want to give Maybelline's Color Tattoo a try.

Colorful Cuff Bracelet Jezebel Charms has an amazing selection of literary cuff bracelets. Despite the fact that I'm a major bibliophile, it's their colorful cuffs using reproductions of vintage wallpaper and biological prints that I'm swooning for.

Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat My black one is dramatic, but I need something lighter and cooler, like this cute bow hat.

What are you shopping for this summer?


Anonymous said…
Red heels: buy both.

Cream eye shadow: is it better because it stays put more?

Cuff bracelets: I love bracelets in general, but when I'm working on a laptop, they drive me nuts.
Jael Paris said…
Yes, cream eye shadows supposedly flake less.

I thought a cuff would be less annoying than something that dangles. I have so many sleeveless items, bracelets make sense.
Anonymous said…
Also, LESS stiletto sexpot?? I thought that was the beauty of shoes? It's one article of clothing you can wear and nobody's going to send you home from work, saying, "I'm sorry, but those shoes are just way too stiletto sexpot; they're inappropriate."
Jael Paris said…
Patent leather isn't the best for summer though. Red shoes are really a staple for my wardrobe, and I don't think I was wearing the stilettos as much as I would a retro style. Plus, I wore the tips off and can't get the nails out to replace them.
Anonymous said…
For allergies, Marcelle is a good line - a few people I know (myself included) react to anything but that.

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