Pick of the Week: The Shoes You'd Wear When Ordering a Beheading

Roommate found these. Let's give roommate a big round of applause. First of all, I love that these John Fluevog shoes are called "Caravaggio" after the wild painter. Second, I love that these are essentially the shoes of powerful men of the 1600s -- bows, heels and all. (Please, point this historical fact out to people when they start whining about boys being too feminized when they wear pink or other such nonsense.) They are more expensive than most shoes we feature, but John Fluevog shoes are high in quality. The burgundy and black versions in tamer solids are currently $100 off. If I pair these with my frock coat, I can start claiming my right to land willy-nilly, write some world-changing books, and engage in spontaneous sword fights. Consider the day seized.


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