Love or Loathe: Platform Lace-ups

It's been a while since we've had a Love or Loathe, and I feel the need to get overly opinionated about fashion, particularly about platform heels. An abundance of hideous platforms have been released on the market. Boots, mules, sandals, you name it; there's a platform on it. The pair pictured is one of the lesser evils. With the pink glitter heels, they sort of look like Elton John's casual wear.

I find them kind of funny and would never wear Sixteen-year-old me would be all about these shoes. Part of the reason I ever learned how to walk in heels was because platforms with thick, stable heels were popular when I was in high school. (When I finally convinced becca to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of the first things she thanked me for was the 90s fashion flashback. All I can think of when I see these chunky platform shoes is Buffy kicking butt in her flared pants, spaghetti strap tops, and butterfly hair clips. Hmm, I just described a lethal Delia's catalog.) These shoes may be ugly, but they aren't as awkward teens in the six-inch-heel stiletto trend from a few years ago. If my options are for teen girls to take fashion cues from a flamboyant knight of United Kingdom and a fictional feminist icon or popstar sex pots and Kim Kardashian, then I accept these shoes as the price I must pay.


Nora Bradshaw said…
No me gusta. I have to fight really hard not to accidentally dress in a dorky, unattractive manner. No way I'm going to do it on purpose.

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