London Fashion Week SS13: Meadham Kirchhoff, Louise Gray, Kinder Aggugini

Who: Meadham Kirchhoff
What it made us think of: Child prostitutes in Louis XIV's court but not in a gross way.
What we liked: hips, lace skirts, knee socks, gold nails, jackets, corsets, glitter tights, hats, brocade, bows
What we didn't: too many bows, too lolita, gaudy jewels

Who: Louise Gray
What it made us think of: Pop art and what Lady Gaga will wear when she promotes ARTPOP.
What we liked: graffiti prints, mirror jewelry, wild makeup, abstract mirror fastinators
What we didn't: The wild layers often detracted from how nice some of the pieces are.

Who: Kinder Aggugini
What it made us think of: Illustrations in 1950s edition of Treasure Island
What we liked: sailor tattoo prints, freckles, gingham, burn out velvet octopus, blazers
What we didn't: clogs

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