Rate the Red Carpet: Emmys 2012

Last week, Jael picked out her ideal dresses for Emmy Nominees.  Now that we know what they've actually worn, we're putting it to a vote. Who chose better? Us or the Stars?

Zooey Deschanel is a fashion favorite of mine. I love her girly dresses, tights and cute shoes. It's similar to (though more twee than) parts of my own personal style. However, this red carpet look did nothing for me, and, really, it didn't do much for Zooey. She has a unique sense of style, and this bland poofy dress didn't express it. Also, the edges of it looked frayed. I don't know if the fraying is on purpose or if it's because she kept getting caught on things (which happened while I was watching the red carpet coverage). I feel about this dress the way Zooey looks wearing it in this picture.

Mayim Bialik is awesome on Big Bang theory. And, actually, this color looked pretty good on her The dress fit nice, and she looks very very pretty. But the whole thing just looked too old for her. I expect someone several decades her senior to wear this. I know Mayim can find a way to be covered up (if that's  concern), pretty and youthful at the same time.

Kristen Wiig, as Jael feared, was once again afraid of color. The dress was OK, but it felt a little too casual or nightgown-like for the red carpet. Her very dark hair with the washed out look seemed harsh too. I would like to see more vibrant red carpet look from such a vibrant comedy star.
Cat Deeley didn't go short like Jael suggested, but she did go bright! I love the vivd color and the detailing on the dress. It fits her personality and seems to be making her very happy--look at her smile.

Christina Hendricks loves wearing Christian Siriano. I get it. I loved him on Project Runway too. But he either needs to step up the designs or she needs to branch out (even if he does design some better stuff for her she could still stand for some variety). She has amazing curves, and I want to see some amazing dresses on them.
Do you have any other thoughts on these Emmy dresses? Come back tomorrow for a look at our favorites.


Anonymous said…
I feel like so many of the dresses were so close. I can see part of the reason why Zooey chose the blue dress. I imagine the color really made her eyes pop. Had she worn more interesting jewelry and not had frayed edges and...wait, that's a whole other dress.

I liked Mayim's dress, again, because of color. I thought the drapey-ness seemed...cozy? That's a compliment, but maybe one best left for a fall-time sweater.

Jael Paris said…
Mayim was wearing a brace on her arm (the arm hidden behind her), so I wonder if she chose sleeves with wide cuffs to cover it. Personally, I've always like the people who put rhinestones on their casts.

I was very happy to see all the color. More on that tomorrow.
Bronnie said…
Christina Hendricks makes me so sad! She's absolutly stunning but never seems to dress right out of character! It would be so great to see her in a deep green or purple and in something that actually fit her boobs! Surely there is a designer out there that knows how to handle them!
Jael Paris said…
I don't understand why Dolce & Gabanna isn't all over her. They love boobs! They dress Scarlett Johansson all the time.

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