Halloween Costume Ideas

Zoolander is the funniest movie ever. (That's a fact, so no, you can't argue the point.) Since I've been getting crafty lately, I'm tempted to make a dress out of trash bags, pop tabs and rope in order to be a Derelicte by Mugatu model. Smear on some dark silver makeup and pull your best Blue Steel. (Also be prepared for people to think you're Kesha, which would make me cry giant tears for those unfunny people.)

You may be able to pull this out for a few years with slight variations: Un-lady Bug. Black pants, black sweater, antennae. You can make wings with some red poster board and a black marker and just pin them to your back. The variety comes with being unlady-like! You could go the fake tattoo and chain smoking route or you could get (the only time this name will ever appear on Fashion Me Fabulous) a Snookie wig and make a drunken fool of yourself. If the later, don't forget the fake nails, Ed Hardy and Uggs.

This is more macabre than my usual costume suggestions, but anyone with a pin-up inspired wardrobe could easily be the Black Dahlia. Just wear a pencil skirt, pumps and 1940s top. Wear your hair in victory rolls and (very important) put a dahlia in your hair. Now the macabre! Do some corpse makeup and add a big fake gash from ear to ear. Don't know how to do dead makeup? Jemcitymakup does. Even if no one at your party knows what you are, you can tell them you're a pin-up zombie.

I've expressed my feeling about sexy costumes. Still not a fan. This year I'm thinking of taking my disdain to absurd levels as the previously suggested Sexy Albert Einstein. Button down shirt under a baggy brown sweater. Einstein wig and mustache. Brown shorts, fishnets, oxford heels, red lipstick. Who wouldn't want to get with that, huh?

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