Halloween Costume Ideas

Katy Perry If you have a one piece bathing suit, pin plastic fruit to it, and glam your hair and face all retro. You may be able to work this same look with fuzzy dice as Vegas is her new aesthetic.

Lady Gaga As mentioned above, wear a bathing suit, but in this case, you should wear flesh tone stockings under it, a leather jacket on top, glasses you can't see through, paint around your eye and preferably a bow made of hair.

Lace Last Halloween, I went as a button collection since I have so many buttons in my wardrobe. You could do the same for any material that constantly shows up in your closet. Lace, with it's peekaboo factor and mask potential, could come out as eerie Victorian gothic.

iPod Commercial becca did this last year. Wear all black and carry an ipod. Dance like you are the coolest hipster on the block.

Panda Pull your hair into two buns on the top of your head. Wear a mix of black and white. As long as you get the makeup right, people should know what you are.

Our readers also sent in some great suggestions.

Vicki is planning on being a retro pinup. Not much is required in clothing -- a pencil skirt and a period appropriate top. The key to pulling it off is in the hair.

Rachel can't wear a costume at work so she's going to be a "space princess" in layers of white and grey. You can take this further for a party with big boots, big hair, a silver dress and silver makeup.

Kylsie's costume is brilliant -- crazy cat lady. Slap together some clothes, muss your hair, put cat food in your bag, and wear cat jewelry you can pick up at a thrift store.


JKC said…
really cute ideas :)
Rachel said…
Haha, I want to be a crazy cat lady now!

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