Love or Loathe: Sleeveless

While I was searching for great work dresses the other week, I noticed most of the styles were sleeveless sheaths. Personally, I think they're the bees' knees as I can layer jackets and cardigans without the extra bulk, and the lack of sleeves makes the dress perfect for summer too. But I tried to feature several sleeved styles as some people must wear sleeves at work and others simply don't like showing their upper arms. Sleeves also help balance modest and sexy when wearing a mini. How do you feel about sleeveless dresses and tops?


rachel said…
I'm a fan for the same reasons that you listed. Especially because in the summer when I'm walking to work, it's mega hot. I have to have my shoulders covered at work, but I like to be able to go sleeveless while I'm walking. In winter I can put a fitted long sleeve under the dress, a cardigan over top, and no one is the wiser about my extra layer.
Jennifer Wells said…
Do you have any photos of sleeveless dresses that you liked?
Jael Paris said…
J. Crew always has cotton-blend sleeveless sheath dresses available in a variety of colors. Sometimes you can buy them on clearance. They look like the perfect work dress.

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