becca may be into fall's more traditional shades, but this season I'm loving the bright orange that's been popping up everywhere. Not peach. Not burnt. An aggressive, safety orange. There's nothing feminine or soft about the color, so it works well for more edgy modern styles and in contrast with feminine details like lace and full skirts.classic a-line dress, Calvin Klein at Nordstrom $129
sweater dress, Macy's $23.99
embroidered dress, Anthropologie $358*
*Crazy pricey, but too pretty to not mention!
plus size pleat skirt, ASOS $34.76 (smaller sizes in a rust shade are $69)
retro a-line skirt, Top Shop $70
braid trim maxi skirt, Mod Cloth $57.99
Top: color block chiffon top, Urban Outfitters $59
butterfly sleeve top, Anthropologie $88
lace tank, J. Crew $39.50
Bottom: one-shoulder top, Victoria's Secret $49.50
cowl neck shell, Michael by Michael Kors at Nordstrom $69.50


Jennifer Wells said…
Are we talking prison-jumpsuit orange?

Because that seems to be the only shade of orange that looks okay on me. I have a winter complexion.
Jael Paris said…
Prison orange just takes some of the fun out of it.

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