They'd Have Laughed At Your Sensible Suit

You may not be surprised to learn that art is a bigger style inspiration for me than any celebrity. One of the things old paintings, sculptures and photographs capture so well, are forgotten trends. Pins worn on hips. Necklaces hanging from the shoulders. The drape of a sleeve. When I look at these images, the dimension of fashion appears enormous (especially with that Pacific Rim dance costume thrown in the mix), but it's easy to forget that these styles were arrived at gradually. No one woke up at said, "By Jove, I think I'll wear a ruff so large around my neck that people will think I have a spinal injury!" Rather, that look evolved from the trend of showing off your finely crafted undergarments. So while I may not don a hat today that could hold the nest of a condor, and I may not wear the panniers that make armed chairs my fashion foe, I can certainly appreciate that we came, saw and conquered that fashion territory.
If you've enjoyed all the art and fashion talk the last few weeks, make sure you check our my "Dressing Your Body" posts that explore how women throughout history have both covered and emphasized their hips, busts and waists.


Ms. Jane said…
Love the blog, really enjoyed the art and fashion posts. I'm a 50 year old mother of two, art teacher, artist...who has always walked/danced to the beat of different drum. Keep up the good work, asking the interesting
questions, and exploring. Savage Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages.

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