Shattering Nails

A while back, Jael Paris wrote about OPI's black shatter polish. I got some, tried it, and loved it. I only wished it came in more colors. Well, my wish came true. OPI is releasing silver, white, turquoise, navy, blue and red shatter. The red and white shatter are being sold in kits at part of the Serena Williams for OPI Grand Slam Collection ($12 on Amazon). Silver Shatter is part of the new Pirate of the Caribbean nail color collection, but is sold separately ($8.50 on Amazon). The blues don't appear to be available online yet but can be seen on OPI's site under "Nail Color" then "All OPI Colors".

Sephora Nail Color, which is made by OPI is now offering "blasted" nail color in black, silver and gold for $9.50 each.
Another nail company, MIA Secret is offering several colors for $3.25 each on Amazon including Red, Orange, Black, White, Pink, Sky Blue, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown and Yellow (which is called Gold, but looks Yellow). NOTE: These colors are only for acrylic or gel nails. They will not work well on natural nails like the OPI and Sephora brands.

Have you tried any shatter or crackle polish? Which brands to you like? Do you have any tips for application?


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