The Horror: The Cat Got My Shirt

Crop tops were cropping up on the Spring runways, and I prayed they wouldn't make it into stores, but they did. Target, Anthropologie, Kohl's. No place is safe. If that isn't enough to make you cringe, these half shirts are frequently sporting a shredded fringe. It's bad enough that part of the shirt is missing, but these tops make it look like a cat used it for a scratching post or you accidentally dropped your shirt in the shredder. No top is safe from the ruin. Basic tanks, crocheted tops, even vintage Minnie Mouse tees are all suffering the shredded horror. At least they're selling them at discounted prices! I mean, only $125 for the bedraggled, acid washed look pictured here is totally a deal right?


Anonymous said…
wow, highway robbery!
lm said…
I might not agree with you since I like some of these crop tops. But the way you've written this post is genius :P hahahaha
Jael Paris said…
I'll admit, I do like a crop top with a high-waisted skirt or pants as they alter expected proportions, but I just can't do it with a regular waistline.
becca said…
I relented and tried on a crop top today over a dress that didn't quite offer enough coverage on top, and I kind of liked it for that purpose. So I guess all crops aren't bad, just the ones that remind me of the Britney Spears era.
Anna said…
I laughed when I read "I blame Kesha" on one of the comments. But the good thing about this trend is that there are so many DIYs about it on the web.
Al said…
When you rip a shirt, it's ruined. These shirts, however, are "distressed." Go figure. I'd stick to the t-shirt printing designs I like, thanks very much.
These shirts look good. I would love to buy one of those. The designs are unique as well.

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