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'Tis the Season to Give: Jael Paris shares some of her favorite charities. Project Design features cozy sock gift ideas. And we have a way to throw a party and give presents on a budget: A Christmas Clothing Swap.

'Tis the Season to Sparkle: We have sequins for every price range, a $150 dollar party outfit for pants lovers, and a glittering satin bootie made for party season.

'Tis the Season to Layer: Bundle up with ten cute coats for under $100. Draped dresses from JoDemontis on Etsy make dressing effortless, even when it involves wool tights and cardigans.


Catie D. said…
Just to let you guys know...

My baby (my laptop), was infected with a terrible virus. To make a long story short, I boosted my virus definiations, but everytime I come onto fashionmefabulous, my malware blocker tells me it's just blocked a potentially harmful virus.

Just wanted you to know. I'm not sure if it means anything, but you might want to look at it, if you can.

-Catie D.
Jael Paris said…
Thanks for letting us know, Catie. It's most likely a banner ad. I have the same problem with (or my compy's a TV critic).

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