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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sequins at Every Price

I love sequins, but I don't own anything with sequins. I really hope to find something sequins for New Years Eve. I love sequins because they add something shiny and special to an outfit. They can be bold like an all-over sequin dress or jacket. Or they can just be a pop on a simple tee or accessory. Here are some sequin finds for every price range.

Under $10 Pictured:
Sequin Beret, Forever 21 $8.80
Large Sequin Bangle, Wet Seal $7
Sequin Bow Bobby Pin Set, Forever 21 $2.50
All Over Sequin Headband, Forever 21 $3.80
Sequin Stretchy Belt, Forever 21 $4.80
Vintage Style Sequin Headwrap, Forever 21 $3.80

Under $20 Pictured:
Subtle Sequin Beret, New York & Co $19.95
Foil Sequin Tank, Forever 21 $14.80
Heart Sequin Clutch, Charlotte Russe $19.50
Sequin Scarf, New York & Co $16.95
Sequin Ballet Flats, Target $12.99
Sequin Box Clutch, Target $16.99

Under $50 Pictured:
Sequin Front Cardigan, New York & Co. $41.96
Swirl Sequin Dress, Forever 21 $24.80
Sequin Boyfriend Jacket, Charlotte Russe $44.50
Sequin Pencil Skirt, Charlotte Russe $29.50
Sparkling Sequin Shorts, Forever 21 $22.80
Sequin Stripe Leggings, New York & Co. $24.95

Sequin Splurges Pictured:
Sequin Floral Design Dress, Nordstrom $370
Sequin Bootie, Express $96
Grey Sequin Neck Piece, ASOS $68.96
Sequin Balcony Bra, Topshop $80
Purple Sequin Pump, Amazon 24.1724.
Turquoise Sequin Dress, Urban Outfitters $128

What's your favorite way to wear sequins?


Jael Paris said...

If that sequin bra were cheaper, I'd be all over it. It looks like enough of a full top that I could wear it under low-cut tops for added sparkle.

becca said...

I found a few cheaper sequin bras, but they were to skimpy or flimsy to really work as part of an outfit.

I'm Robin... said...

Oh Honey!
I've got LOTS of sequin everything...