Ten Coats For Under $100

December hit Indiana in full force. We have a good four inches of snow outside with more on the way everyday. I hear parts of the UK have been virtually shut down under two feet of the white horror. So grab some hot cocoa and a warm winter coat for under $100.Top: green brocade coat, Anthropologie $99.95
silver quilted coat, Michael by Michael Kors at Nordstrom $57.90
classy navy coat, Mod Cloth $89.99
Middle: plaid jacket, Dollhouse at Macy's $59.99
feminine military coat, Mod Cloth $89.99
dramatic collar puffer coat, Nordstrom $62
white knit coat, Bebe $89.95
Bottom: floral wool coat, eDress Me $50
summery plaid coat, Delia's $39.99
ruffle front coat, Nordstrom $68

(Do not tell me about how it's a pleasant 65 where you are. I may cry into my mittens, and then they'll freeze to my face.)


Fanya said…

Ok, so I've got the coats and sweaters, but in this cold windy snowy winter, how do you make sure your leg don't freeze?

thigh-high uggs are out of question, leather pants are expensive, and most cashmere/wool tights seems to be too thin to be warm even under pants...
becca said…

I'll do a post with some warm leg ideas. I had to wear skirts for 13 year of private school so I came up with some coping techniques over the years.

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