This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

Lady Gaga Vanity Fair image edited by monChanel.

We're three years old! Can we get a pony?

Let's go shopping: I found vintage shoes in Old Baltimore, but becca's in a sneaker state of mind. Blazer lust is kicking in. This week's Etsy shop is loaded with dainty, eye-catching necklaces.

Discuss: On a scale of one to ten, I hate minimalism at an 11. You? Any other tips to share for curly hair? After my styling tips, do you feel confident to wear black velvet?

VMAs: We picked the three red white carpet looks that didn't put us to sleep. Weigh in on your favorite Lady Gaga costume of the night (the correct answer is the McQueen).

Fashion Week: It's back! So far in New York, we've covered Carolina Herrera, Jen Kao, and Malandrino and Chris Benz, Ohne Titel, and Bibhu Mohapatra. The true onslaught of coverage kicks in next week. Until then, join us on Facebook for more Fashion Week fun.


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