Inspiration From Strange Places: Monster Mash

I'm certainly ready for Halloween as I've been looking to classic monsters for outfit inspiration.

Mummy's usually evoke images of decay and hanging gauze, but with the plethora of bandage dresses in stores you can chicly pay homage to one of horror's oldest creatures. Along with the grey bandage dress, I picked a wrap coat, a fringed purse and strappy sandals. The skull jewelry that I included here was just for my macabre self, but you can jazz it up with sleek silver.

Frankenstein's Monster has a set color palette of olive, brown and black. Purple makeup will hallow your features. Since your body doesn't have stitches, I went with ripped jeans and a whipstitch bag. All the men who've played the monster wore big shoes, hence the big Balenciaga boots. The lightning earrings bring it all to life.
Frankenstein's Monster

Vampires are the easiest monster to reference, but most people do so with Victorian mourning attire. When I think about vampires, I think of eternally young creatures of the night. It would only make sense that a modern vampire would be a club kid participating in all the vices of youth. The basic outfit has hard lines, but I just had to throw a batwing coat on top.
Bite Me

Conversely, werewolves aren't city creatures, so I imagine a werewolf inspired look would include elements of the country gentlewoman trend. I used velvet knickers because the transformed monster in the movies always rips his pants until he's left with shorts. Of course, to really recall a werewolf, you'd need a bit of fur or faux fur here and there. Add a silver bullet necklace for a bit of irony.



Rachel said…
These are really fun twists on classic monsters. I feel like these would be great to wear to a classy Halloween party where you wouldn't want to show up in a full-fledged costume.
Unknown said…
oh wow. this is a pretty creative concept. great choices for the themes chosen.

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