Super Chic

The outfits that showed up for the Met Ball's superhero theme did not inspire me, but this summer I've had superheros on the brain with Iron Man, The Dark Knight (must see a third time!), and rereading my Sandman comics. I've been putting together hero influenced looks in Polyvore, and I think if you're gusty enough, you could pull it off for fall. The key elements to mix and match are boots or some other tough looking shoes; a cape, dolman sleeves, leather jacket, or long coat; something to obscure the eyes like sunglasses or dramatic makeup; gloves; a big belt; and pants or shorts so your legs are free for kicking baddies. Hard or glossy materials are a must. You can spare yourself the cost of leather with other shiny fabrics like satin, rubber or sequins. Just avoid anything that looks cozy. Superheroes don't snuggle.

Would you ever try to wear something so costume-like in real life?


Rianna said…
How fabulous is the dark night! Loved it and i love these super hero collages.Those shiny pants in the first pic are fabulous! Love your blog Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx
the redhead said…
some of those are really cool! it kind of reminds me of the fashion display at the Met in New York.

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