Pick Of The Week: Floral Bag

Mentally, I'm ready for fall, but this springy bag managed to burst through my visions of bonfires and cider. Maybe it's because I'm dreaming of fall planting the resulting spring bloom. The "Featheroff" has an Anthropologie feel, but then it would be embroidered and $300. Instead it's a print from Aldo and only runs $45. With many colored bag, you have to try matching it to your outfit, but this bag has so many colors, it would be hard to clash with it. Red pants and cream blouse? Sure. A black sheath and yellow heels? Of course. A blue and purple striped maxi dress? Fabulous. Orange shorts with a green tank? Perfect.

How do you feel about a colorful print bag?


becca said…
I love the idea of a colorful print bag, but I have a hard time finding prints I like.

I'm not a fan of this print. It reminds me of both wallpaper and a children's book that isn't as whimsical as it should be.

Yes to a print bag, but no to this particular print.
Jael Paris said…
I like it because it reminds me of botanical prints from old books.
Fanya said…
I am all for it if it is geometric or simple prints. The flowery print of this bad does remind me of wallpaper and country home.

I have a white skirt with red, orange, blue, green, yellow plaid. It matches everything. I remember seeing an XOXO white duffle purse with different colored X and O printed on it. Should've gotten it, it would've matched everything. And now I can't find it online or anywhere =(
Amy said…
Just a heads up, my friend got this bag and while it is beautiful and cute and the perfect size, the handles/straps broke very easily! I've had this experience with other Aldo bags with straps. So for light use, this bag is great, but otherwise, it would be wiser to invest in a sturdier bag. :)
Jael Paris said…
Thanks for the tip, Amy.

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