Yellow Shoes

If women own colored shoes, they usually own red. Frequent Fashion Me Fabulous readers know that we're advocates of bright feet, and today we're excited about yellow. It's just as wearable as red, but without the sexual overtones. Yellow is perfect for spring, summer and fall. (Maybe for winter too, but I can't yet imagine rocking a yellow boot.) Since it's a difficult color to wear, it stands out in a sea of conventional black and blue. And while yellow doesn't work with some skin tones, it can still work on your feet. Still not sure how to work yellow shoes into your wardrobe? Check out how members of Polyvore are styling them.


belt buckles said…
great collections! yellow shoes remind me of the good weather to come!
Someone said…
Yellow shoes can be surprisingly versatile. I have a pair that is yellow/gray/black patent, and some strappy slides in a paler banana tone.

I used to have red shoes, but I don't think I do anymore...well actually I do have some red paisley boots, and some dark maroon suede T-straps. Nothing shiny or lipsticky. However, I do currently have turquoise wedge sandals, orange sandals, and also some grapey purple boots!
Lesa said…
'thanks for the ideas I have 2 pair o beautiful yellow shoes.
love the combination of red, blue and yellow. I usually tend to go more brink red, navy blue and mustard but these brighter colors would be great for spring/summer. an interesting twist on americana or nautical.
Fanya said…
me approve of this post 100%.

yellow is also good when you are wearing pastel/light colored dress and is tired of the metallic trend.

I have summer shoes in yellow, pale green, dark purple, red, cyan. =D
Fanya said…
ah! request...ish

If you found any good shoes in seafoam green (mint) or soft water color, in <3.5in heels, can you let me know?

example of soft watercolor:

I'm in love with it, it's the color of dreams, but I can't do 4in heel, not ones that skinny.
Rachel said…
I've been gravitating toward yellow shoes and turquoise shoes. Yummy colors.

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