Artistic Inspiration: Alphonse Mucha

Reader Rachel, wanted to see some looks inspired by different artists. I love this idea! I thought I'd start with Alphonse Mucha, a commercial artist and king of Art Nouveau.

This first look was inspired by the colors and art movement of the panel. The watercolor roses on the dress reflect the water of Mucha's scene, and the hat, earrings, and ring all harken to the 1920s.

The tucks and fold in the blouse inspired me to use ruffles all over this look. The poinsettias dictated my color choice, and the hair pins are direct from the woman in the illustration.

One thing I've always adored about Mucha's work is the detail of the jewelry. In this illustration, the back of a simple gown is adorned. For an evening look, wear a bold necklace down the back of your dress. Just make sure the clasp is pretty so it looks like you are wearing a choker from the front.

Any other artists who you would like to see interpreted through clothing?


Carlton Mackey said…
love the vintage french poster prints
becca said…
These are so pretty. I love the middle one.
Maide said…
Yes, Yes, wonderful is this...i realy love it.

Greetings from a big, big Mucha Fan.

If you like to see my Mucha Creations
just visit my Blogspace :-)

Anonymous said…
How fun!

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