Artistic Inspiration: Pablo Picasso

Continuing with the idea of artist inspired outfits, I thought I'd use the work of Pablo Picasso.

The stripes and spots in Dora Maar aided the painting's sense of movement. I used the colors as a base and tried to choose items with texture: tiered skirt, flared sleeves, buffalo plaid scarf, plaid bag, and square bangles. Texture on the shoes would have felt like overkill on an already funky outfit.

Girl Before Mirror inspired a bright look for a fifteen-year-old.

While Three Musicians provided the color base, I tried to think of things that you wouldn't immediately put together. The result, a military inspired jacket over a tiered cocktail dress. The fractured nature of the heels made them perfect for an outfit paying homage to the father of Cubism. To top it off, I'd wear mismatched earrings.


Anonymous said…
I love the cubist shoes and mismatched earrings!
Anonymous said…
Creative and Very deconstructed.

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