Pick of the Week: Target Linen Pants Revisted

I love a good pair of linen pants, but a good pair can be pricey. That's why I wrote about these Target linen pants back in 2011. They used to carry them every year, but the last two years they've either drastically changed them or skipped them all together. This year they are back and better than ever! The pants have always had a drawstring waist, which I felt compelled to cover up. It was never the most attractive, but the pants this year but a much nicer waistline. It's still a drawstring, but the band for the waist is wider and more flattering than some of the previous versions Target has offered. The pants cost $25 and come in a few colors (more colors in stores than online).

For tips on wearing linen pants just our our post on four ways to style linen pants.


Jennifer Wells said…
I may be re-entering the working world come August. We shall see. But why take chances? I must buy these pants, whether I need them or not. Hopefully, I will.
Benjamin Smith said…
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kisswhom said…
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kisswhom said…
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