Linen Pants 4 Ways

I was lacking in summer bottoms and lacking in money this year so I had a make a very careful choice for some sort of wear-everywhere summer pant or shirt. I decided on grey linen pants. They're low maintenance, easy to wash, quick to hang dry, comfy and versatile. Also they only cost $20 at Target (less if you catch a sale). They can go from a weekend brunch to the office to the beach to a night out (all with the comfort of a drawstring waist)!

Weekend Brunch
Office AttireBeach-y Keen
Buying Note: Linen pants get baggy fast. They have twice the bag factor of jeans in half the time. If they're a little snug in the store, just sit for five to ten minutes in the dressing room (call a friend) and you'll get a more accurate fit.

These pants are also available in white, khaki, brown online and black and a medium denim color that aren't listed online.


Unknown said…
good tip about the sizing issue with linen pants ;)

Anonymous said…
Do you know which shoes those are on the beach post. I love them but they are linking to something else
becca said…

I found them here:

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