Summer Shopping Pick: Target Linen Pants

Nothing says chic summer casual like a pair of breezy linen pants. Sadly, linen is usually pretty expensive, but thanks to Target we can stroll to the local ice cream parlor in style with Merona Linen Pull On Pants for only $19.99. The drawstring waist is a very casual touch, but makes them a comfy choice for summer days. They come in a cropped version if that's your style. (I want to try pegging the crops for a harem pant look). You can also buy plus sizes.

However, they aren't limited to the casual realm. If you can find a pair in black (which I've seen in stores but not online), you can iron a nice crease down the front and wear them to work paired with a structured summer blouse. Or try them with a shimmery evening cami and sky high heels for summer nights on the town.

Since they come in S, M, L style sizing, I recommend buying the size down if you are in between sizes because these get baggy fast (I bought two pairs last year and regret not getting the smaller size). This does not apply to the blue ones pretending to be the same pants. They are 100% cotton rather than linen so you can probably buy up and shrink them.


Fanya said…
hmm, I have 2 questions about this:

1. my experience/impression is that linen wrinkles like no other at the slightest suggestion. Are linen less likely to wrinkle now? do you wear them wrinkled? suggestions for keeping them less wrinkled?
2. I think they are excellent for summer in white/off white colors, which makes them slightly transparent? have you had the transparency problem?
Tina Marie said…
I love Linen pants, they are nice for the summer on those rare days you want to hide from the sun :) I got some cute ones from Macy's INC last year.
becca said…

1. Linen does wrinkle quite easily. I don't worry about the wrinkles since it's part of the casual charm. If I'm wearing them in a professional setting, I iron with spray starch, and I wear a structured top to take focus off the wrinkles or a long top to cover the wrinkles made by sitting.

2. My black and grey ones aren't transparent at all. The tan pair from Target is slightly transparent, but skin-tone underwear solves that problem. The white ones can be tricky. Nude underwear may work, but nude boy shorts or spanx offer more coverage and keep anyone from seeing the panty-line cut off. If these don't work, it might be a good ideas to splurge a little on white linen since pricier versions tend to be a tighter weave and less transparent.
Rachel said…
I saw these at Target a few weeks ago. And yes, I want them...

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